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UVATA UPS91 series 4/8/16 Channels UV Led Spot-Curing System

Stable irradiation:The LED light head contains temperature transmitter inside.In the UVATA special feedback system,stable irradiation output is realized.Consequently four light head:the irradiation power and time of each LED light head could be set respectively;single or linkage UV irradiation is optional.
Machine dimension:W80mm H125mm L146mm
Outside control:foot pedal switch,controler panel button,PC RS232 connector,each can work independently
Step mode:each LED light head could be set in 16 step irradiation mode.
Pulse mode:take advantage of UVATA unique control system,pulse irradiation mode could realize.
Life recording:this machine could record each LEDlight head's working time.Cabe of the LED light head:Japan Sun Corporation made robot flexing cable.
Power:with matched adaptor(100-240V)
Consumption power:lower than 59 VA;low power consumption drive


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